September 15, 2021 Legislation



The administration is backing the Congressional Democratic plan to lower drug pricing via reconciliation.  The plan would allow Medicare to negotiate prices for drugs given in physician offices.  There would also be a cap on Medicare patients paying for out of pocket drug prices.  The Congress already passed this bill once but it died.  

The administration has decreed a mandate for all federal employees to be vaccinated within 75 days.  Also all employers with 100 or more employees will also have to have their employees vaccinated or get them tested once a week.  There is nothing in the edict that says who pays for the $150 tests weekly.  All employees at Medicare and Medicaid participating hospitals will need to be vaccinated as well as nursing homes to receive federal funds. OSHA is supposed to create rules including who pays for the tests.  Watch for many law suits on this.

The feds will purchase 1.9 million doses Regereron's Covid cocktail REGEN-COV.

Biden hates all things Trump and will cancel all his past executive actions no matter how good they were.  He just cancelled his order for Medicare to pay for FDA designated breakthrough technologies.  

On November 1 CMS will begin to process hospital off campus services at provider prices not hospital prices.  It's about time.      Top


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