September 15, 2013 Recent News



To date 21 states have passed laws banning abortion coverage by private insurers.  It is already banned via the Hyde Bill from using federal money for abortions.  This increase in abortion banning by insurers is a direct result of Obamacare since it covers the exchanges.  Prior to the passage of Obamacare only five states had the law to prohibit insurers from covering abortions.  What is not known is how the HHS who will do the exchanges in 34 states will react and whether or not they will allow abortions.  "May you live in interesting times" and next time read the document before you pass it.

The AP reports that half of the births in the country are paid for by Medicaid.  That is an awful statistic.  This is expected to increase starting in January when more will be eligible for Medicaid.  This may lead to better morbidity and mortality statistics but what does it say about the future of the country.        Top


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