September 1, 2021 Recent News




In a "who coulda guessed it" routine the non-vaxers are refusing blood from vaxers.  How dumb is that?  Fortunately the blood banks have said no.  Most blood has antibodies either from the vaccine or a prior infection.  

California is dumping Blue Shield from overseeing its Covid vaccine program.  The ill-fated governor gave the big time donor te contract to handle the program after his original roll-out was marred by inefficiency.         Top


The medical staff of the Medical Center of South Arkansas have taken a second vote of no confidence but this time it centered on the CEO.  This centers on the hospital getting rid of the company that currently staffs the ED and hospitalist.  This time it worked, sort of.  The CEO actually resigned but like all CEOs was immediately hired within the same system at a different institution.  

Mercyhealth in Janesville, Wisconsin, has terminated vice president Barb Borter after she was connected allegedly with a invoice and kickback scheme with a vendor.

Dr. Brian Warden is a new ED physician at Capitol regional Medical center in Tallahassee.  At least he was until he offered to provide medical slips for students to be exempted from wearing masks for $50.  

Kaiser Health News reports that the non-profit hospitals invest to make money NOT to forward their "humanitarian" goals.  Let us hope that Kaiser News did not waste too much time or money on this story of known fact.

Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Illinois has just committed suicide.  They were stupid enough to get rid of the anesthesiology group that had been there for three decades for a cheaper group who can not fulfill their numbers.  The hospital has now had to cancel all elective surgery and ship the patients to other hospitals.  How dumb is that?         Top


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