September 1, 2020 Legislation



The feds have ruled that pharmacists may now give routine vaccines to children.  This is after a huge drop in vaccinations with the Covid panic.  This really applied to 22 states as the others already allowed pharmacists to inoculate.

The administration has issued regs that require nursing homes and hospitals to test staff regularly for Covid or face fines.  This is necessary since the nursing home industry makes up a overbroad amount of Covid cases and deaths.  

CmS will require hospitals that want a payment boost for treating Covid patients to actually show positive Covid tests not just allude to them based on clinical judgment.

The administration has agreed to pay $750 million to purchase 150 million Abbott Lab Covid tests that give a result in 15 minutes.  

CMS has threatened Chicago's Holy Cross Hospital with termination from Medicare for their policies on ligatures with their behavioral health patients.

Georgia's Governor just legislation that allows advance practice nurses to order MRI or other radiological exams.  

Aetna has been fined $500,000 by California's Department of Managed Care for wrongly denying ER claims.  They are using national standards and not more liberal California standards.        Top


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