September 1, 2019 Recent News




Planned Parenthood is threatening to quit taking money unless a court overturns the administration rule banning clinic from referring patients for abortions.  The 9th Circuit has already ruled the administration rules were legal.  They want the full 9th to overturn its panel or they will leave.

Anthem in Virginia screwed up when they sent letters to patients with wrong information as to who are in network providers.  Anthem admitted their error and is sending out another letter correcting their mistake.

The Doctors Company is reporting an increase in the use of EMRs as a contributing factor in med mal cases.        Top   


Jamestown Regional Medical Center in Tennessee has closed and has been off the books for billing fed med.  If they want to reopen they can but if they want fed med billing then they must re-apply as a new provider.  It had lost its fed med billing for failing the Conditions of Participation.  

Seattle Children's Hospital is getting their mojo back.  They upgraded their air filtration system and therefore will be allowed to bill fed med.  They had a run of Aspergillus that threatened their billings.  

Oregon Heath is now restarting its heart transplant program one year after it quit due to the lack of physicians.  They have now requited three new transplant qualified cardiologists and a new cardiac surgeon.  

Central Maine Healthcare lost a huge number of physicians and other practitioners last year due to the advent of the administration and a new EMR.  They have hired a bunch of new providers this year but are not filling the physician positions with physicians.  The administration is very happy to get rid of the old guard and replace them now with temp docs and providers.  They still do not seem to have their stuff in order, especially in the outlying areas.  It will be interesting to see how things work out over the next year or so.        Top


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