October 15, 2022 Recent News



Recently the NYT did a scathing story on the predatory billing practices of Providence of Renton, Washington.  The Providence CFO responded by saying the practices were the result of a computer glitch and not done intentionally.  He also said the Providence WILL, not has, reimburse those who they fleeced.  Then US Senator Murray asked questions that Providence did not answer but answered in such a way as one whose hand was caught in the cookie jar.  See also Legal Peer Review.  Not a great place to work.

A day after the chief foot in mouth Biden said the "pandemic is over" Fauci said this is not so.  The mouth's comments also complicate any proposed funding for the disease.

In Kitsap Peninsula Washington at St. Michael Medical Center the ED was inundated with patients.  A nurse then called 911 and asked for help.  The local fire department came and spend 90 minutes cleaning beds and taking vital signs.  Every there knows the hospital is completely off the rails on transfer times with crews sometimes being out of service for 6 or more hours.  The hospital responded with the usual pap.        Top


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