October 15, 2021 Recent News




Merck and Ridgeback Therapeutics, a privately held company, have come up with a pill to treat early stage Covid.  It is not for prevention as a vaccine but cuts hospital admissions by 50%.  great news!!

Dr. Sue McIntosh, a physician in Durham, Connecticut, has turned in her license after being outed for distributing fraudulent Covid exemptions.

In an about face the notorious USPSTF now no longer recommends baby aspirin to prevent strokes and heart attacks.  They say those who have had problems should stay on the pill but all the rest should consult with their physicians.  The reasoning is the now available lipid lowering drugs and the potential for harm with the aspirin.        Top


A very stupid NICU nurse posted a picture online of a child with gastroschisis, a condition where the intestines are outside the body.  She got fired.

Dr. Christopher Rake was an anesthesiologist at UCLA Medical Center.  He was suspended for not getting a Covid vaccination.  He tried to enter the hospital and was escorted out.

Methodist Hospital in Houston famously and rightly fired their non-vaxxed employees.  Now the Texas governor has decreed that there should be no Covid vax mandates in the lone state.  the fired employees now want their jobs back.  The hospitals have come out against the gov's edict.   

The VA in Clarksburg, West Virginia, has closed its med/surg unit after an inspection revealed patient safety concerns.  All the staff have been reassigned to other units and thisunit will remain shut until new staff is hired.    Top


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