October 15, 2021 Legislation



CMS has put ot a new ruling on surprise billing.  What must happen is there must be first a 30 day negotiation process between the insurer and the provider.  then they will jointly select an entity to arbitrate and if they don't CMS will select the entity.  Within 10 days of the selection both parties will submit their payment offers and docmentation.  the entity then has 30 days to make a determination by taking one of the two offers.  Both parties will pay a $50 fee but the loser must pay a fee to the entity.  To qualify for this a patients bill must be at least $400 above an estimate of charges.  CMS will certify entities to take part and providers and the public can petition for the denial or revocation of certification of a certified entity.  

HHS has released HIPAA guidelines in regard to Covid vaccines.  Businesses may ask for vaccine status.  Individuals may give their status to anyone.  A covered entity may ask for the vaccination status of its employees.  Physicians may NOT disclose PMI to employers.

Dr. Danielle Roberts was stripped of her medical license by New York.  She was accused of branding women with the initials of cult leaders.        Top


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