October 15, 2020 Recent News




Starting this month some private health insurers will stop paying for virtual visits in some circumstances.  UnitedHealth will stop  covering for non-Covid medical issues.   Anthem will not cover the out of pocket expenses if the televisit is not related to Covid.  This will hurt the small practices in the pocketbook as some patients will forego visits entirely.  

No surprise.  Those people who are not getting subsidies are leaving the worst health insurance OCare in droves.  This population has dropped by 45% in this expensive insurance scheme.  In the past three years 2.8 million have dropped the insurance.        Top


The pressure was too great.  Beaumont called off the merger with Advocate Aurora.  The physicians, nurses and donors were against it and the last straw was the state legislature.

LA County's hospital system has not been good for many years.  Now it is three months for a patient to see a specialist.

Discharge planner Kimberly Jackson ws fired from NeuroBehavioral Hospital in Crown Point, Indiana, after she spoke to a paper regarding nursing homes and their illegal dumping of patients at hospital  ERs.  She talked about nursing homes in Michigan and Illinois sending patients to her hospital even though they were not psychotic.  I would assume a law suit will follow.

Mayo Clinic has fired a worker who accessed over 1600 patient records.  It is unclear if Mayo will cover the cost of credit checks etc.

After eight days off line and doing all by hand Universal Health Services is now back on line.  They were the vctum of a cyberattack which they responded to by going offline.  

Artisian Valley healthcare in Meade, Kansas, has a major problem.  It is a small hospital with a CEO that has riled the medical staff's feathers.  this has caused four of the practitioners to turn in their resignations.  Apparently the CEO is a nurse who the physicians have reported to the Board of Nursing for practicing medicine without a license.

Disgruntled former employees can come back to make things tough for you.  A former nurse has sounded the alarm against Cumberland Children's Hospital in Virginia.  She accuses them of child abuse she states she personally witnessed.  The hospital is already under investigation for for neglect of patients by the State Police.  

Atrium Health got some legitimacy by finalizing the acquisition of Wake Forest Baptist Health allowing it build a medical school in Charlotte and have some academia.        Top


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