October 15, 2020 Legislation



HHS is sending an additional $2o Billion to healthcare providers to help lessen the pandemic strain.  Providers have one month starting October 5 to apply.

The OIG has said that Alta Bates Hospital in Bezerkley, California, owes the feds over $16 million in overpayments based on a sample audit that had almost a 50% error rate.   

California has a bunch of new healthcare rules and regs.  They include requiring nursing home to have a full time staff member or the equivalent dedicated to infection control along with reporting any disease related death within 24 hours to the state.   State licensed insurers must cover all treatment medically necessary for mental health and substance abuse disorders.  NPs will be allowed to be physician free to see patients.  Certified nurse id-wives will be allowed to attend low risk pregnancies in home and hospitals without a physician supervision.  The state will partner with one or more drug company for cheaper generic drugs especially insulin.  Another bill signed bans insurers from imposing annual or lifetime limits on coverage and requires them to cover preventative care services without deductibles.  All the above will increase the cost of insurance as the companies will not eat this cost.

England and socialized medicine is again at the forefront.  They have now said that they will only vaccinate people at risk and not the whole population against Covid when a vaccine becomes available.  They believe the vaccine is only for adults, people over 18.  They are looking at people over 50 for the vaccine.  Sorry about the rest.        Top


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