October 15, 2019 Legislation




President Trump signed the legislation allocating $1.8 Billion to help people with the autism spectrum .

President Trump signed an executive order to direct the Secretary of HHS to improve Medicare Advantage, reduce barriors to Medicare medical savings accounts and promote telehealth and other supplemental benefits.    It also wants to equalize the Medicare fee for service and Advantage programs.

CMS has cut the payments to 83% of the hospitals evaluated due to too many 30 day readmissions.  

CMS is planning to loosen the Stark and anti-kickback rules so those being paid on "value" rather than fee for service will be able to coordinate care better.

California's governor has signed a bill allowing non-smoked medical marijuana in the elementary and high schools.  The school boards would also have to approve of the use prior to the child being able to access the med.  Eight other states already have such a law in place.  He went on to sign a law to allow the nanny state to go after drug companies who pay generics to keep their lower cost drugs off the market, another law requiring Californians to have health insurance as opposed to the federal law, allow people to get HIV preventative drugs at pharmacies without a prescription, allow chemical abortion in state college health centers, require perinatal providers to undergo bias training, require employers to provide new mothers with a private place to pump milk with those employers under 50 employee being eligible for exemption, no smoking or vaping in state beaches or parks, snap inspections for hospitals regarding nursing ratios, and limitation private insurance reimbursement rate to dialysis companies for patients who get assistance from groups such as the American Kidney Fund.        Top


CMS has penalized 2583 hospitals for Medicare readmissions within thirty days.  This is 83% of hospitals evaluated.  They will receive less money per admission because of their readmitting patients.  Studies are mixed as to whether this program has helped patients.

CMS booted MetroSouth Hospital in Blue Island, Illinois,.  The hospital had suspended all services and has no patients.         Top 


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