October 1, 2021 Legislation



The administration continued its assault on all things trump.  The HHS issued a regulation to go back to the Obama regualtion allowing family planning clinics to refer for abortions.  This will be reversed again in 2024.

The FDA has authorized booster Pfizer shots for Covid for all immunocomporomised people and all people over 65.  The director added front line workers to that order..  the booster or third shot should be at least six months after the second shot.

Dr. Steven LaTulippe of Dallas, Oregon, had his medical license revoked for "dishonorable conduct, negligence  and gross negligence.  He was also fined $10,000 per violation  to cover the cost of his own "trial".  He was accused of over prescribing opioids but the real reason was his failure to wear a mask when seeing patients and telling patients that they should not wear one as well.

California has a new law tha allows terminally ill patients access to cannabis even if in a hospital.  However it prohibits smoking and vaping the drug and states the edibles must be safely stored.  The hospital is not reqired to dispense the drug from the pharmacy.      

Governor Newsom has signed a bill changing the California Medical Board.  The fees were raised 8% not the original 50% that the Dems wanted.  There will be a monitor appointed by the Department of Consumer Affairs to oversee the disciplinary actions.  the monitor will report to the Legislature.   

New York Governor Hochul has issued an executive order  suspending prior authorization for 30 days along with concurrent and retrospective review of claims.  This is to facilitate faster patient transfers and increase availability of staff.  There will not even be assigning codes or maintaining records for billing purposes.    Top


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