October 1, 2019 Recent News




Senator Bernie Sanders wants o wipe out medical debt.  this would be $81 Billion.  This is on top of his wanting to get rid of college debt, and private medicine.  None will ever pass.

Blue Shield of California is trying to woo independent physicians by forming a new company called Altais which they hope will help offices update their EMR and recruit the next generation of physicians.  This is to help physicians adjust to the new quality based payment systems, if anyone ever defines quality.  

Switching to "high value" physicians in their Medicare book would save the program $286 Billion over 10 years according to a study by United Health.  Those physicians would meet "quality criteria" and "cost efficiency criteria."  This means they stick to all the guidelines and charge less.  In reality this means they comply with evidence based junk and also have low rates of complications and revisions.          Top


Seven physicians are leaving CaroMont Medical Group and suing the hospital for compelling their non compete clauses.  These primary care physicians are joining Tryron Medical Partners, the group the broke from Atrium Health.  The seven argue that their non compete does not hold since Tyron is not a hospital nor a system.  

A dozen physicians rejected positions at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu after the center announced a contract with Envision Healthcare Corporation to do hospitalist positions.  They remain on the staff of the hospital.  

A new study showed what all knew that it costs healthcare more money when a hospital buys a physician practice.  They gouge the system.

North Carolina Children's Hospital is being allowed to resume complex pediatric cardiac surgery after is was inspected by an advisory board. 

Summa is now able to have their emergency medicine residency back.  They lost it after they foolishly changed ED groups several years ago.  this cost them prestige money and power.  Very stupid people in that organization. It is now being acquired by Beaumont health.  

The CEO of Porter Medical Center, a 45 bed Vermont hospital, is in trouble.  Seleem Choudhury was accused and admitted to plagiarizing emails sent to the medical staff.  The Board of Directors is investigating the new CEO.  

Cleveland Clinic's Martin North Hospital lost its OB physicians to a neighboring county.  They say they will continue to deliver babies by hiring laborists.  Should make for a great experience.  

All surgeries at the Los Angels County-USC Medical Center have been put on hold due to a mold in a sterilization room.  This will take about two weeks to decontaminate.  It was caused by a water leak.        Top


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