October 1, 2014 Legislation



Sure am glad we have a US Surgeon General.  The new SG Obama has announced that he is making war on antibiotic resistance.  While the venture is noble and needed, I am not sure that this is something the President of the United States needs to be considering.  Isis or golf may take precedence.  A new committee needs to report by early next year on what a national action plan will look like for a five year victory.

Governor Brown of California signed into law two bills relating to healthcare.  The first is for no cost to the consumer contraception that includes vasectomy.  The second does not allow for tubal ligation in the prison population without it being medically necessary.  He also vetoed a bill that would have allowed California to take smaller amounts of assets from Medicaid beneficiary's estates when they die.

The governor also signed legislation to expand Medicaid to teledentistry.  This expands the scope of practice for dental assistants and hygienists.  They can now telecommunicate with a dentist and then do temporary fillings and determine the necessary x-rays needed.  

Also signed was a law allowing undocumented aliens to practice dentistry, nursing or medicine.  They can do this by using a federal taxpayer identification number instead of a social security number.

Governor Brown did veto a bill that would allow Covered California to sell vision care services via a single type of insurance.  This is directed at VSP.

Switzerland had rejected single payer healthcare.  Their current system is almost like Obamacare and the Swiss voters rejected by a 64% vote to scrap the system in favor of a single payer system.  They have insurers vying for business and the population must buy insurance with minimum benefits.  The government does offer subsidies. The main difference is that in Switzerland employers do not offer insurance and there is nothing like Medicaid or Medicare.        Top


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