November 1, 2020 Legislation



The administration is thinking ahead.  They have let be known a plan for the distribution of the Corona vaccines to those in nursing homes when they become available.  They have contracted with Walgreens and CVS to have their pharmacists deliver and administer the shots to the nursing homes for the residents and staffers.  This will be free to the consumer.

HHS is allowing those health professionals who do not accept Medicare to receive pandemic aid.

HHS has issued guidelines authorizing qualified pharmacy techs and state authorized pharmacy interns to administer child vaccines, Covid vaccine and Covid tests.  

The administration has finalized a requirement for insurers to tell consumers up front the actual prices for common tests and procedures.  They administration is being sued for this move to transparency.  

Texas has fined River City Care Center in San Antonio $120,00 for providing substandard care.  They are also being hit with med mal suits for negligence to the people under their care.         Top



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