November 15, 2021 Recent News




The FDA is still mulling whether or not to authorize Covid booster jabs for all adults.  That is no longer a question as California, New Mexico and Colorado have already authorized the third jab for all  adults.  In the continuing joke if the FDA OKs the booster then the CDC and the various committees would also need to OK it.  By that time all states will probably have already vaccinated many of the adults with booster shots.

An interesting new study which will not see much press is that switching people from traditional Medicare to Medicare Advantage is very costly.  The study shows the feds overpaid by a huge amount to the Medicare advantage folk due to the way the Advantage plans up the billing by adding diagnoses.  The seniors are happy as of now since they pay a monthly cost and get glasses and dental plans.  Medicare audits the physicians in traditional Medicare but does not audit the plans.        Top


The board of Chattanooga, Tennessee's Erlanger Health System removed Dr. Chris Young from his position as chief of the medical staff as well as his position on the board of trustees.  He was accused of violating his duty by sharing confidential information.  Apparently, the hospital bylaws allows this type of censorship.  Dr. Young states he was never told the specific allegation nor allowed to address the board in person..  The medical staff is now awake and is getting their own legal counsel.  Too little.   Too late.

Dr. Jeffrey Horak had the audacity to speak his mind at a school board meeting against the mask mandate.  He was then fired from Lake Region Healthcare in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.  The hospital states they did not fire him but his medical group did.

Loretta Hospital in Chicago is again under fire.  Originally they vaccinated people who were not yet allowed to be vaccinated.  This cost several executives their position at the hospital.  Now the FBI is investigating the hospital.  They vaccinated white and Asians where their community is black.

Kaiser had a drop in net income over one year ago but it is still a great outcome.  Their operating revenue rose about $2 Billion over last year but only had an operating income of $38 million as opposed to $456 million last year.  Their expenses rose 7.5%.  

Kaiser is putting in a hospital at home program and their nurses are not happy about it.  They are upset about the potential RN staffing and are using the race card and vague safety memes to justify their despair about money.  Kaiser has told them to go pound sand.

The CEO of Gillette, Wyoming, Campbell County Health was fired and paid $675,000 as part of her severance package.  She had been CEO since 2019.

Houston's Methodist Hospital has suspended an ENT physician for exercising her free speech.  Dr. Mary Bowden focused on treating the unvaxxed.  She used her personal social medial accounts to express her opinions about the Covid vaccine and its treatment.  I do not agree with her opinions but I do agree with her right to say it and retain her status on the unemployed medical staff.        Top


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