November 1, 2022 Legislation



Pennsylvania has changed the venue rules to make it better for the trial attorneys to get higher damages.  The rule that med mal cases need to be tried in the county in which care occurred is no longer.  Forum shopping is back.

California has passed a law requiting physicians to inform patients about the CMS Open Payments Database.  This is where pharmaceutical companies and others must report payments to physicians.  Another sign on the wall that no one looks at.

Oregon is proposing a rule starting soon requiring chaperones during all breast, genital and rectal exams for all genders, no matter the medical specialty, in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.  This rule is the usual overreach by politicians to a problem.  The chaperone must be trained, hold an active Oregon license to practice a health care profession or an unlicensed person who has taken a medical chaperone course for a nominal fee.  If the patient declines the chaperone the exam may be postponed for the "safety" of the patient and the licensee.       


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