November 1, 2021 Legislation



November 1, 2021 Legislation



The administration has begun a campaign to destroy the future vaccine manufacturing in this country.  They are now encouraging the WTO members to join them to put a waiver on intellectual property for Covid vaccines.  

The FDA has authorized mix and match boosters as well as boosters for J&J and Moderna vaccines.  

The FDA has proposed that people with mild or moderate hearing loss will soon be able to purchase hearing aids without a prescription.  Those with really bad hearing that requires more modulation will  still require prescriptions.  

The CDC is now reporting Covid cases and deaths by vaccination status and also some numbers between different vaccines.

CMS has reduced te payments to 2499 hospitals for high readmissions.    This is 82% of the hospitals.  

The EEOC has issued guidelines for religious exemptions from Covid mandates.  It requires employees to tell the employers that they are requesting exemptions due to conflict with deeply held religious beliefs.  The employer should assume the request is genuine but may make limited factual inquiries if they have an objective basis for questioning the basis of the belief.  The employer may deny the religious objection if it would create an undue hardship on its operation.  

The DHS is looking to reverse the Trump rule that wwould sunset regs not reviewed every 10 years.  This reasonable rule is another example of overturning all Trump.  Instead they issuing rules that make it difficult to get rid of regs.

Massachusetts has fined $5000 and reprimanded Dr. Tony Tannoury.  The head of the spine surgery section at Boston Medical Center  left the OR prior to the start of emergency ankle surgery to eat in his car where he fell asleep and missed the procedure.  This was reported to the medical board promptly but it took almost five years fot the matter to be resolved by the board.  

New Jersey has suspended the medical license of Muhammad Mirza, an internist from Cedar Grove.  He was using dermal fillers for non-surgical penile and breast enhancement.  He apparently did not use a mask or gloves nor did he store the filler appropriately.  

PA Scott Miller had is Washington license suspended after he had multiple Covid complaints against him.  He prescribes ivermectin for patients, on e of whom died from Covid.  

Virginia has a law passed several years ago that p0laces about 800 diagnosis on a list of avoidable emergency visits that are to be downgraded for Medicaid patients so physicians will only be paid $15 per visit.  This means physicians will take less Medicaid patients in their offices and they will be shunted to the ERs.  The ERs will screen the patients and say they are stable to be seen in an urgent care center.  

California governor Newsom signed a bill that stops the issing of hospice licenses in the state unless their is a demonstrable need for the service in the area.  He also signed a bill that allows terminally ill patients in hospitals the ability to use cannabis.  This puts certain requirements on the hospitals for this to happen.        Top


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