May 15, 2022 Recent News



The Biden administration has announced that it will fund $200 million to the WHO for Covid.  Also several makers of Pfizer's Paxlovid will sell the meds to low and medium income countries for less than $25 per course of therapy. He has asked but not received an additional $22,5 Billion in Covid funding from Congress.

HHS has announced that approximately 25% of all Medicare patients hospitalized received an adverse event or a temporary harm.  They say that 12% had an event that led to longer stays or significant harm.  Of the total 43% were preventable and linked to poor medical care.  Most of the problems were with medications followed by patient care, procedures and lastly infections.  This is disgraceful and I imagine almost all are due to system errors.

Atrium Health and Advocate Aurora Health are merging.  This will create a 67 hospital system and employ about 7600 physicians.  Think of the cost increases this will cause.

The major hospital chains are asking insurers for higher rates de to higher salaries.  They want up to 15% increases, a huge amount.

Kaiser had a net loss of $961 million in Q1 of this year.  A year earlier they made $2 billion.  They had larger revenue but larger costs due to Covid.  The vast majority of the loss was from stock market losses.  Just like the rest of us.


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