May 15, 2021 Recent News



Rhode Island's state fire office inspected the state Eleanor Slater Hospital where the CEO was recently fired after a hew and cry by the staff regarding lack of qualified people to care for the patients.  The marshal found 112 life and safety code violations.  After several were immediately corrected the marshall said there were no imminent threat to the patients or the employees.

Transylvania Regional Hospital in North Carolina run by Mission Health has lost 14 physicians recently and the town is now very worried.  The hospital was purchased recently by HCA and the physicians have opted to not continue to be under contract to the organization.  HCA gave them a 15-25% pay cut that they refused.  Many have stayed in the community and kept their privileges but moved to private practice.  Hopefully their patients followed them.

Gila Regional Hospital in Arizona hospital board just got an audit and found they were at fault for the contract that allowed their recently departed CEO to leave with a $1 million payout.  She was guaranteed her five year salary even if she left voluntarily. which she did.  They were also responsible for lack of oversight which resulted in losses over several years.  They also found their retirement plan for the employees had been out of compliance with federal rules for ten years.

Minnesota's United Hospital must reinstate RN Cliff Willmeng.  He was the nurse fired during Covid for wearing hospital scrubs instead of the required personal scrubs.  They do not have to pay him back pay.  this was an arbiter's decision based on the fact that the hospital lacked grounds for firing him.  He continues to have a legal case against Allina set for trial later this year.

Kaiser net income passed the $2 Billion in the first yearly quarter.  In the quarter they  gained 129,000 new members.  They also made an additional $1 Billion in their investments in the quarter.

Jefferson Health had a policy to give bonuses to physicians who guided their patients to the fund raising arm of the hospital.  They then wanted to link those referral to incentive pay.  The physicians didn't like that so Jefferson reversed their policy regarding incentive pay.          Top


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