May 15, 2020 Recent News




A WHO official is now stating the obvious.  This pandemic may never go away.  I believe he is right.  Until their is herd immunity and the virus lessens their will not be a safe time.  Vaccines may or may work as viruses are great morphers.  We see that yearly in the flu.  The flu vaccine is always based on the prior years strains but they not be the same ones this year.   Staying at home was great for flattening the curve but terrible for immunity.  

Last week another 3 million americans filed for unemployment.  That makes a total of about 37 million now out of work.  This along with a study that showed almost 27 million will lose their current healthcare insurance.  This sounds worse that it is as most will get either Ocare insurance or Medicaid.  This still leaves about 6 million without insurance coverage.        Top


OSHA is investigation Piedmont Henry Hospital after a nurse died potentially from Covid-19.  They are looking to see if an unsafe work environment contributed to her death.  This is only one of dozens of healthcare worker deaths being looked into by the agency.  

Detroit Medical Center had now banned the faculty pediatricians fro Wayne State from working at the hospital.  This follows the re-alignment last year of pediatricians from University Pediatricians moved from Detroit Children's Hospital to Central Michigan University medical school.  Those pediatricians say the news is false and that the 25 faculty members terminated their relationship with University Pediatricians.  What is actually true remains unknown.

Aspirus Health has put Dr. David Murdock, a cardiologist, on leave after he had the audacity of attending a rally against the Wisconsin governor's stay at home policies.  

Kaiser Permanente took a big hit in the first quarter.  Their net loss was about $1,1 Billion.  This was mainly due to a big investment loss in that quarter.

Syracuse St. Joseph's Hospital is having nursing problems.  The nurses are coming down with Corona since the hospital  changed their protection procedures.  The hospital says its not them.  The nurses must have gotten the virus somewhere else.  Right.  The change was the hospital became too cheap to buy N-95 masks so they told the nurses to wear surgical ones.  

Gallup, New Mexico, is a hot bed of Corona.  The roads in and out are closed.  At Gallup's Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital the staff is in a tizzy due to the gross mismanagement of the hospital.  They say that people are dying due to the problems.  They have a declaration of no confidence in the CEO David Conejo.  They have gone to the board with their problems with the CEO.  The hospital, they say, is grossly understaffed and operating far below the required nurse patient standards.  The CEO will not respond making things worse.  He fired 17 nurses from critical care units when the state stopped allowing elective surgery.   The hospital's patients are now paying for this mistake.        Top


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