May 15, 2019 Recent News





The US Environmental Agency has joined the European agencies to state that Glyphosate, the ingredient in Roundup and otehr weed killers, is not a carcinogen.  This is yet another bit of information for juries to use.  There are some that are so  anti-Trump that it matters not what any agency says, they lie.

What constitutes a preventative Medicare visit?  Patients are being charged for these visits if they discuss anything with the physician.  One can not say anything to the physician that does not relate to prevention or they will be charged.  

President Trump has asked Congress to do something about "surprise medical bills".  An example was recently related in a stoy about a patient in New Jersey who was injured and went to a in network hospital.  He was seen by the on-call plastic surgeon and had emergency surgery by him and another plastic surgeon.  He got a bill for $71,729 for the assistant plastic surgeon.  Then he got a bill for $95,885 for the primary plastic surgeon.  Both were out of net-work.  The hospital knew these were out of network and did not tell the patient.  The surgery was 90 minutes and the charges are outrageous.  These physicians and hospitals are killing the goose and giving medicine a bad name.  I agree that physicians like plastic surgeons do not need to be on call and do not need insurance contracts but they do need reasonable charges.  

California's Governor Newsom has changed course.  He no longer wants to take money from counties that need it for their public health programs to give medical care to illegals between the ages of 19-26.         


The Pickens County Medical Center in Carrollton, Alabama, will possibly be closing.  They have no patients and no physicians, a bad combo.  

Even worse is a hospital that will reduce patient safety due to their own ineptitude.  Bangor Maine's Northern Light Easterrn Maine Medical Center are losing eight physicians. The hospital wanted to reduce their ranks and benefits forcing physicians to see more patients per shift.  The corporate medicine strategy.  The hospital also froze the physicians from any major hospital decisions.  About 4 more of the hospitalists will resign shortly.  The hospital says this is just normal turnover.  Really??  The hospital will have significant problems in hiring new physicians due to their attitude.  They will have to pay inflated prices for locums physicians.  

In Tennessee four pain clinics under the name Rinova closed after being targeted by the feds for fraud.  

It could not happen to a better hospital.  Sharp Grossman Hospital in the San Diego area is now being investigated by the feds for their idiotic surveillance of the anesthesia department and personal grudge of their former CEO.  They also have at least 11 suits against them for breach of privacy and hopefully many more soon.  

Kaiser continues to grow at a very fast pace.  Their new reports show an increase in operating income up 5.3% in the first quarter.  They now have over 12.3 million subscribers.  Their operating expenses also increased but only 3%.          Top


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