May 15, 2019 Legislation




The house Dems wanting to not deal with Sanders' Medicare for all introduced a Medicare expansion plan.  This would allow continuation of employer based health care but employees would also be allowed to switch to an expanded Medicare plan.  All would be allowed in the expanded Medicare but newborns, the uninsured and anyone with Medicaid, Medicare, Ocare or CHIP would automatically be enrolled.  This is a compromise that come very close to Medicare for all.  There would be no deductibles but would have income based premiums and capped at 8% of monthly income.  

I wonder how much these House members received.  A Dem frojm Washington and a GOP from New York co-sponsored a bill to block the administration's logical regulation to do site neutral payments to hospitals.  

The CBO has come out with a report on Medicare for all.  The report said it would reduce the number of uninsured, this could significantly affect the US economy but they do not know the magnitude, they also do not know presently if individuals or the nation would pay more for this as there is no decision as to services or cost share, there would be lower admin costs but longer wait times or services and less choice.  

The administration has issued a final rule on conscience.  Healthcare workers can not be compelled to participate in abortion, contraceptive or assisted suicide procedure.  This rule was passed in 2008 under Bush and rescended one month later under Obama.  The usual anti people were anti.  The left wing San Francisco immediately did what California usually does, they sued claiming they will lose $1 Billion under the rule.  

Many legislators are slightly stupid and then there is dumbo Daryl Metcafe of Pennsylvania who is really stupid.  He introduced a legislative proposal into the state House that would prohibit nurses and other health care workers from telling people that they or their children should get a vaccination.  It also prohibits harassing, coercing, scolding or threatening a patient or parent for refusing immunization.  Not only is that dangerous for health it is against the law for free speech.  

Florida is hopefully finally going to pass a law regulating the cosmetic industry in the state.  Too bad it took many deaths and disfigurements before this occurred.  They have tried four times prior and failed to pass legislation.  The one thing they could not get passed was a background check for felonies of clinic owners.  Should have been an easy pass but the legislator was told it would require seven new employees and that would cost money.  Not much compared to the cost of lives.

The NY Senate passed a bill requiring informed consent for all health procedures or exams.  This means that those under anesthesia will have to have given permission for pelvic or rectal exams prior to going under.  The Dems who passed this were "horrified" that this could occur in training.  It is already state law that these exams if not consented to can be a basis for med mal but maybe not for educational purposes.

California Gov Newsom wants to have the state pay for illegal immigrants ages 19-25.  This would transfer funds from other uses that are now core public health services.  California already cover illegals up to 19 by allowing them in Medicaid.

Arizona has changed their medical records law after a student was forced to delay surgery after a hospital would not turn over medical records.  The new law requires any proved that is closing to give patients access to their files or face a $10,000 fine and denial of future facility licenses.  

Washington state no longer has personal or philosophical exemptions for MMR vaccines before attending day care or school.  The governor signed a new law to that effect.  They could not pass a bill for all vaccinations.  

The Washington governor also signed a law diluting Ocare.  People may now be able to get insurance not only via the standard Ocare plans but also via a "public option" plan which is yet to be defined.

Florida lawmakers have passed and sent to the governor for signature a bill forbidding non-compete contacts for specialty physicians.  This is aimed at the 21st Century Oncology units who are now being sued by the radiation therapists for not being able to leave the group and set up shop locally.          Top



Texas is now coming after Baylor St. Luke's Hospital for being in violation of patient safety and quality issues.        Top


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