May 15, 2016 Legislation



The new Medicaid managed care rules will give the states flexibility.  The 39 states plus the District are mandated to make sure the patients receive timely high-quality care but without funding by the feds.

The feds continually change the rules.  Now they say people who move to a different state must show they were insured at least some of prior 60 by Obamacare in order to sign up in the new state.  

The FDA has come out with a black box warning on fluroquinolones.  They should not be used to treat uncomplicated infections for which other drugs are available.  The side-effects are serious and preventable.  

California has fined Anthem $415,000 for their not addressing consumer grievances timely.  They denied patients grievance or appeal rights.  This is an annual fine for the insurer who continues to ignore the patient and the state.  Since 2011 they have paid fines yearly totaling over $2 million.  They just don't care.  This may play a part in whether or not Anthem will be allowed to merge with Cigna in the state.

California has a greatly appreciated new law that states businesses with 50 or less employees get time to fix technical violations of the ADA law instead of fighting the "predatory lawsuits."        Top


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