May 1, 2021 Legislation



Wyoming has passed a law that allows optometrists to perform YAG laser capsulotomy along with laser iridotomy and selective laser trabeculopasty give anesthesia or intra-lesion steroid treatment by injection.  The law also give them full narcotic prescribing.  The board has not yet enacted the requirements to perform these procedures.  This is the second state to allow optometrists to commit malpractice.

There may soon be a fourth Corona vaccine.  Novavax has applied for FDA permission to begin manufacturing their vaccine.  It seems that this one may not work as well as the others against the South African strain.  This may be used primarily by the poorer countries who have not received other vaccines.

The administration  has announced that buprenophine, the drug used to treat narcotic addiction, can be used without the extra hours of training and that prescribers no longer have to refer patients to counseling services.  Now prescribers can treat up to 30 patients at a time.,  If a prescriber wants to treat over 30 people at a time ther are some stricter restrictions.

Minnesota's Sholom Community Alliance nursing home was fined by the state $27,100 after an employee died.  He had been provided with a N-95 mask but not the proper fit testing and also was not given a medical evaluation.      Top


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