May 1, 2018 Recent News





Amazon can not get hospitals to modernize.  The company has dropped plans to sell drugs to hospitals since they could not get the major chains to change their traditional purchasing process.  This is great news for the pharmaceutical middle-men.  They will focus on selling to smaller hospitals and selling other medical supplies.          Top


Wake Forest Baptist has still got problems in their pathology department.  They have misdiagnosed cancer in individuals causing some to undergo unneeded treatments.  They also erred in the other direction by not diagnosing cancer when it was present.  CMS has given them to June 12 to resolve the issues.

Dr. Bala Hota worked at the old Cook County Hospital (my alma mater) until 2016.  At that time an article said he resigned after an audit revealed he had used grant money for his personal use instead of for what it was intended.  He has not been charged with any crime nor had the state do anything to his license and he has repaid all monies.  He is now employed by Rush across the street from the original hospital.

A newspaper article tells us of another physician who lost his hospital practice due to EMR.  Dr. Jeffery Johnson of Hoffman Estates, Illinois, has lost his hospital privileges because he will not do EMR.  He is 75 years old and the busiest OB around.  He will continue in his office practice but will refer all to his partners for delivery.  

Blue Valley Hospital in Overland Park, Kansas, had its Medicare certification revoked due to problems relating to the CMS definition of a hospital.  They are now suing CMS to keep their certification until the appeal process is over.  The hospital has 4 beds and does mostly nerve injections, surgeries and imaging services.

Southwest Health recently fired their CFO after the CEO and two others were also fired by a consulting group.  Southwest Memorial Hospital has been having significant financial problems.  

Atrium Health is again in the news.  They fired their anesthesia department and now they have been reported to the North Carolina Medical Board for reassigning patients away from a group that is breaking off from the hospital.  Sounds like they will lose a lot of business to rival hospitals.

Hershey Medical Center has lost four neurology physicians and are dropping their MS patients.  They sent letters to about 2000 people to find new physicians.  Easier said than done.  

91 year old Mildred Cole was in Fountains Nursing Facility in Yuba city in 2017.  That was the time and place of the feared Oroville Dam breach and the nursing home was evacuated.  She was placed in an ambulance and sent to Sacramento, 47 miles away.  Great until she got a bill for almost $800 from AMR.  She called AMR and was told the charge was legitimate and she needed to pay.  She called Medicare who said the that the bill could have been a lot more.  He has filed an appeal with Medicare but AMR has now said that she should never have been billed in the first place.        Top


It is amazing the ABIM still doesn't get it.  They have had a revolution against their MOC exams and said they would change but just won't.  They put in a two year exam instead of the all or none 10 year exam.  The physicians still do not like the exam nor the money nor the time required.  They also have problems with the relevancy.  

Wayne state School of Medicine is getting fed up with Detroit Medical Center.  The two sides agreed to continue their partnership but Detroit is not getting the contract signed.  Wayne state has given Detroit an ultimatum., finish the agreement by May 15 or the partnership is over.  If not done by then all clinical services provided will cease.  Detroit Medical must find new physicians or close.        Top


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