May 1, 2018 Legislation




Medicare will require hospitals to post their standard prices and pay them in part by how ell they make computerized records available to patients.  They are also reviewing how they will pay for Car-T therapy.

CMS has gotten rid of the name "Meaningful Use" and is calling it Promoting Interoperability".  They also simplified the the burden on providers to get paid.  They are also getting rid of 19 measures that are duplicative.  

West Virginia has a new law which limits initial opiod prescriptions in the ED to a four day supply if adult and three day if a minor.  Private practitioners are limited to prescribing a 7 day supply and dentists and optometrists a three day supply.  Following the initial prescription the prescriber is limited to a 30 day dose with tow 30 day refills if the database is monitored.  The limits do not refer to cancer and like patients.

Colorado passed a law to allow in restrictive covenants the physician to tell patients with rare diseases of their new information and practices should update their covenants to reflect this.

England has banned valproate in women of child bearing age because of birth defects.  If prescribed women must comply with the contraception rules throughout therapy and acknowledge yearly the risk of taking the meds.  They must also undergo pregnancy testing if asked.        Top


California can not even stand Obama.  The state AG who is seeking re-election this fall has said it makes no difference that Ocare has made everyone get insurance (until recently) the hospitals still must pay out allotted money for charity care.  He ordered Mission Community Hospital in LA, Emanual Medical Center in Turlock and UCSC Verdugo Hills Hospital to pay millions to charity organizations to fulfill their charity obligations.  This is on top of the amount they are still paying for the charity care within the hospital as was the intent of the law.        Top

A Democratic California bill has passed out of the Assembly committee would require all non profits to receive consent from the AG before closing healthcare facilities.  Also they would be required to inform affected communities of any downgrade, change or closure at least 180 day in advance.  This is aimed at the closure if Berkley's Sutter Alta Bates Hospital several years hence.

California has fined Memorial Medical Center in Modesto $71,000 for a serious medication error that resulted in a patient death.  He got heparin in 25 times the usual dose.        Top


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