March 15, 2015 Recent News





Remember when the Dems said the open enrollment would be from this date to that.  Then they found that the numbers were not good so they increased the sign up times.  Then they said that people were too stupid to know that they would pay a fine if they did not get the expensive insurance, so they increased the "special enrollment period for the dummies.  Now they want to have a special enrollment period for all those who were smart enough not to buy the insurance when they could legally and wait until they become pregnant.  Sounds like their immigration policy.  Then there is the "special enrollment period" announced by HHS starting April 1.  This is for those whose status changes for those losing a dependent due to divorce, death or legal separation and an increase in income in the states that have not expanded Medicaid.

The White House continues to put out garbage to attempt to influence public opinion and the Supreme Court.  The latest they state is really an indictment of the whole Obamacare program.  They state that 86% of the enrollees are getting subsidies.  This is terrible.  It means that the insurance is way too expensive and need to be changed.

The CBO has put out a memo that Obamacare will cost taxpayers less since they believe but can not prove that insurers will charge less for the insurance and its mandates so the feds will pay less for subsidies.  They, in the past month, has decided that over the next decade the fed (taxpayers) will pay 10% less to $1.2 TRILLION.

In a reasoning that has none, Democrats want the administration to add pregnancy as a qualifying event.  This means that women do not have to buy Obamacare insurance until they are regnant.  This goes against the premise of insurance.

Massachusetts' big non-profit plans have lost a lot of money in the past year due to Obamacare.  Blue cross paid an additional $109 million in taxes and fees due to Obamacare.  Harvard pilgrim also lost millions due to Obamacare as did Fallon Health.

The idiot teen Cassandra C and her mother who refused chemo for Hodgkin's and made the Massachusetts Supreme Court confine her to the hospital for treatment, have reported that as of now she is cancer free.  They have asked the court to allow her to continue her treatments at home.        Top


Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster California closed their ED due to EHR failure according to the Nurses Union.  They did not know how to use paper.  The nurses union at the hospital have asked the state to look into the closure as well as other patient issues related to the EHR failure.  This included dispensation of needed meds, no review of lab, x-ray or physician orders.  There was no backup plans if the inevitable occurred.  The hospital issued a statement saying the hospital never closed its ED and the union was lying and they did have and utilized a backup plan.

Partners Health has started its cannibalization of medical groups again.  This time it is the Harbor Medical Associates, a group of 70 physicians.  The Massachusetts AG is not happy about it but does not see it as antitrust so can not stop it.  She has publicly said they do not live up to their word.

Prime Health has cancelled their deal to purchase six hospitals from the Daughters of charity.  The Daughters are losing $10 million per month according to the San Francisco Business Times and must now look quickly for another to purchase the entire lot of hospitals or face bankruptcy.  Prime blamed the Democratic and political California AG for her restrictions placed on the deal.  The AG roared back stating that his showed Prime was not interested in helping the poor, the union catch phrase. Prime then showed where they have purchased 34 hospitals and has never closed one.        Top






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