March 15, 2014 Legislation




The House voted to make the penalty for individuals not getting Obamacare this year the grand total of nothing.  This is the same amount of penalty as employers pay.

The administration announced an extension of the rule revision that allows those people with insurance that does not add up to the Obamacare standards to keep their old plan.  The extension is for two years or through another election cycle.  This would remove the stigma of those getting a notice to join Obamacare just before the November election.  It is up to the states to decide whether or not to allow this.  

The House voted in a bipartisan manner to delay the individual mandate of Obamacare.  The Dems who voted for it are in tough re=election battles and have no worries that the issue will be taken up in the Senate.

In a word, why.  Why would the GOP insist the SGR repeal repeal be tied to the individual mandate repeal?  The rationale is to use the monies saved by the delaying the individual mandate, about $9 billion to help pay for the SGR repeal.  The problem is the bill has no chance to be taken up in the Senate that is going to protect Obamacare from any attack.

Sebelius had decreed that there will be no prolongation of the end of March sign up deadline for Obamacare.  She also decreed that the individual mandate will not be delayed.        Top


Kaiser had been fined $190,000 by the state for mishandling arbitration information.  They "accidentally" did not redact the names of people associated with the arbitrations so the information could not be made public. 

Oakland California Children's Hospital has been found by the state to have complied with all regulatory standards in the treatment of a 13 year old who was declared brain dead.          Top


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