March 1, 2023 Legislation




The FTC has for the first time taken enforcement action under its Health Breach Notification Rule.  It cited GoodRX for failing to inform its consumers of the release of personal health information to Facebook and others.  GoodRx had agreed to pay $1.5 million and will be prohibited from sharing user data with third parties for advertising purposes, require consent for sharing for any other purpose, delete old data and implement a privacy program.

Biden has announced the long overdue cessation of the pandemic emergency program and the states are now preparing for the removal of millions of people from their Medicaid programs.

The House has passed and sent to the Senate a bill that would end the rule that most foreign visitors would need to be vaccinated against Covid.  The White House is against this even though they are canceling the emergency rule on Covid. 

California is catching up to the rest of the country with a large thanks to Dr. Gene Dorio who testified before the state to get a new surrogate law in the state.  Now the hospital must recognize any relative or even a friend of an unconscious person without a living will as the surrogate decision maker.  The only kicker is the hospital can decide which person they will recognize especially if there is a diversity of opinion.

California is also leading the country is fiscal stupidity.  The Dems now want to continue their march to universal healthcare and even though the state is facing a huge fiscal crisis they want to allow illegal immigrants to be able to get Ocare and subsidize it.  This will add hundreds of millions of dollars to the budget when there is no money.        Top


The Colorado Medical Board has suspended Dr. Scott Rollins of Grand Junction for prescribing ivermectin for Covid without telling of the drug's risk or discussing the other FDA approved treatments for the disease.  He has to be re-educated before he gets his license back.  He did completer the program.  

Michigan has removed the license off Judith Sobol RN after she was arrested for second degree murder of a 3 year old who had her vent disconnected while Sobel was under the influence of methamphetamines.        Top


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