March 1, 2021 Recent News



It's starting.  Two Dem senators have introduced their version of a public option health plan on OCare sites.  They want to try and pass it with a reconciliation vote, no filibuster.  This is akin to infamous Pelosi "you'll know what's in it after you vote on it".  This would be for primary care and with no co pays or deductibles.  All physicians and hospitals that accept traditional fed med would be required to accept these patients and be paid Medicare rates.  Patients would get much larger subsidies.  The proposed law would also pharmaceutical negotiations with the drug companies.  

The administration without comment has withdrawn the Trump executive order that would have streamlined prior authorization.  

California is two faced in regard to Kaiser.  They allowed the giant HMO to be a major part of the vaccine rollout in the lefty state but also fined them more than any other provider for their failure to protect patients and staff from the virus.  It has cost the HMO almost $500,000 to date.

As I have said from the beginning the stance of the infamous USPSTF guidelines regarding PSA testing in prostate cancer wer dangerous.  Now the evidence is coming to bear.  There is a drastic increase in metastatic prostate cancer diagnosis due to the lack of cancer being found early.  I wish the public could sue the organization for their negligent stand.

The Malicious Domain Blocking and Reporting Service is offering to private hospitals the same service they have offered to public hospitals, the free software from Akamai to proactively identify, block and mitigate threats.  Will they accept it or continue to be their usual above it all status and be hacked and fined?        Top


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