March 1, 2019 Legislation



CMS has proposed they cover CAR-T therapy for cancer as long as it is prescribed by an oncologist and done in an approved hospital.  The patient would have to be in an approved study or registry and followed for at least two years.  This follows approval two years ago of the therapy for certain leukemias and lymphomas.

Medicare is doing a pilot study on ambulance rides not only to the hospital but also to urgent care centers and physician offices.  They will announce about 40 grants later thsi year for the program to start in 2010 and last two years. 

The FDA said only 2 of 16 main chemicals in sun screens are safe.  They also said PABA and trolamine salicylate are impermissible in OTC sun screens.  They want information on the other 12 ingredients.  

The feds will soon be looking at the nonprofit hospitals again.  Senator Grassley has contacted the IRS to see if hospitals are in compliance with tax exempt statutes.  He also wants to know the status of those not in compliance.

England has legislated an opt-out program for organ donation instead of the US variety, opt in.  All would b presumed to be donors unless they opted out.        Top

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