March 1, 2018 Legislation



The California Medical Board has revoked the license of Dr. Austin Kooba, an OB at Kaiser for doodling with a patient while he was supposed to be working.  The actual causes are sexual misconduct, sexual exploitation, unprofessional conduct, gross negligence, repeated negligent acts and incompetence.  Dr. Kooba has been on admin leave for the past year.  The patient was a nurse at Kaiser who worked with Dr. Kooba.  She eventually got pregnant and after Dr. Kooba gave her a backdated prescription for Misoprostol, the relationship soured and she reported him to the hospital and board.  A woman scorned.

The Medical Board of California, always a bastion of fairness, gave five years probation to Dr. Doanh Nguyen for over prescribing meds leading to patient deaths.  A roll in the hay versus four patient deaths.        Top


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