June 15, 2021 Legislation



The EEOC has ruled that companies may mandate Covid vaccinations at work providing that they do not violate other laws such as unionization, ADA. Title VII etc.  They also must make reasonable accommodations for employees who are not vaccinated due to a religious belief nor disability.  

The Labor Department released a workplace safety standard but it only applies to healthcare settings.  The standard requires where corona patients are treated to implement precautions such as mandatory masking, social distancing and cleaning and disinfection procedures along with notifying employees when they exposed.  It also provides for mandatory paid time off to get vaccinated.  This is under threat of penalty.

California lawmakers are at it again.  They continue to try to give away other people's money.  This time the idiots are looking to pass a bill requiring medical facilities to pay medical professionals a $10,000 "hero pay for their work in the pandemic.  
This would be $7BILLION and of course the main proponent of this idiotic bill is the SEIU.           Top


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