June 15, 2019 Recent News



As CVS Aetna amalgamation is potentially being looked at for antitrust, CVS is starting to roll out its concept store "HealthHUB" in 1500 locations by the end of 2021.  It is reducing space in their stores to put in this new idea.  It is also adding a teeth straightening service called SmileDirectClub.  

The FDA has warned after two people got severe infections and one died following fecal transplants.  They have suspended trials until researchers can screen for dangerous bacteria in donated stool.        Top


Glens Falls Hospital in Upper New York has lost 40% of its primary care physicians in the past year.  The hospital put in a new billing system and proceeded to lose $38 million after id did not functions as promised.  The hospital attempted to make up for the loss by cutting services causing the providers to leave.  The hospital is rethinking its purchase of providers and is not advertising to replace the 16 providers that have left.  Others are left to pick up the slack and are now also thinking of leaving the broken system.  The hospital is doing what hospitals do, being non communicative and stonewalling.

Northeast Georgia Medical Center has lost 12 cardiologists to Northside Hospital.  The Heart Center is no longer offering cardiac caths but will see patients and do the other tests.  This is a huge loss.

Long Beach, California's St. Mary's Hospital is in turmoil.  The medical staff unanimously gave the administration a no-confidence vote.  Of course that meant nothing to the board who agreed to keep the CEO in place.  What does the staff do next?  Quit doing hospital committee work?

Four of the top execs of the University of Maryland were caught with their hand in the cookie jar.  They resigned over conflict of interest and self dealing.  This is part of the same investigation that took down the crooked mayor of Baltimore.  

CMS is going after MD Anderson Cancer Center after they self reported a blood transfusion adverse event.  CMS found issues involving nursing, lab, patient rights, institutional oversight and quality assurance.          Top


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