June 15, 2016 Legislation



California has passed a law and sent it to the governor for signature allowing the state to petition the feds to allow illegal immigrants to purchase Obamacare insurance at their own expense.  I have not idea why anyone would want to do it unless forced to.  They can now buy the insurance if they want but only directly via brokers not exchanges.

Canada does some weird things.  They have a law that has gone into place regarding assisted suicide but with no way to enact it.  This happened after the Supreme Court overturned criminal laws banning assisted suicide making it legal.  The Prime Minister introduced a bill to allow the procedure throughout the country.  The parliament has not passed the bill since they have problems with the wording.  Some physicians want to go ahead but without guidance they are legal peril.  The main hang-up in the legislature is that the bill does not go far enough.  The legislators want not to keep the procedure to those who are dying in the near future as the bill now states.        Top


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