June 1, 2022 Legislation



The FTC has fined R360 LLC and its owner Steven Doumar of Fort Lauderdale, Florida $3.8 million along with a cease and desist order.  This is the first fine made under the 2018 Opiod Addiction Recovery fraud Prevention Act.  This is to settle claims that the company misled people regarding how they would be placed into local treatment centers.

As most know the Biden administration has been talking about getting rid of the student loans.  If legal, this will allow those who never went to college or graduate school along with those who paid off their student loans to pay off the student loans that are not as yet paid off.,  Great news for the students except for those going to medical or law school.  The Biden administration is leaving them out since they will have the financial ability to repay the loans.  Of course their loans are much bigger as they have the college and the professional school loans.  He forgot about that.        Top


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