June 1, 2021 Legislation



The news keeps getting better.  The CDC now states that there is no need for asymptomatic vaccinated people to be tested for the Corona virus if they have been exposed to others with the disease.  

The FDA has warned that Laurel, Maryland's Laurel Radiology Services mammograms may have bad images since June 26, 2018.  They no longer may do mammograms until they have been reinspected after many needed changes are complete.  

Colorado is upset at the high changes generated by free standing ERs in their state.  they are attempting to remedy the problems by paying hospitals to get rid of the businesses.  Of the 44 free standing ERrs in the state 34 are owned by hospitals.  What these facilities did was to set up shop in affluent communities and treat patients who did not need ER care and bill them at high end ER prices.  


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