July 15, 2022 Legislation



President Biden signed an executive order following the Supreme Court stating abortion is a state issue.  He has directed HHS to protect medication abortion ad to make sure women continue as always to have access to family planning services and contraception.  None of these were involved in the Supreme Court decision.

HHS ( OCR ) issued new guidance post Dobbs stating HIPAA would not permit a hospital to disclose medical information of a person taking medication to end a preganancey unless state law expressly requires reporting to law enforcement.  That was the law prior as well.  

New York has restored the medical license of Dr. Richard Wessel providing he can prove he is fit after being with no license for 12 months.  He had been convicted of petit larceny for stealing prescriptions drugs from patients .   This is his third suspension.  He must complete addiction rehab therapy before getting his license back.  

Indiana has passed a law allowing reciprocity for physicians.  

California has a new law allowing low income illegal aliens to receive free healthcare under Medicaid.  This will cost $2.7 billion a year.  It will take about 18 months to become fully operational.          Top


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