July 15, 2021 Recent News



It's about time.  The justice department will specifically look at health fraud due to EHR.  They have found at least $4.5 Billion in telehealth fraud in the past year.  Anyone ever hear of copy paste as fraud?  Anyone ever hear of upcoding via EHR?  

In another it is about time moment the Joint and CMS are considering adding cybersecurity of medical devices a requirement for accreditation.  They should really go further and add cybersecurity of the medical record as well.

Aetna has pushed a rule stating that cataract surgery will need pre-approval.  Two Ophthalmologic societies have said the policy is not necessary as it would only curtail less than 5 percent of the cataract surgeries.  

Never trust a hospital. LRGH Healthcare is trying to stiff their emergency physicians.  The doctors worked many hours and were not paid since the hospital was sold in bankruptcy and there was no provision for the payment made at the time of the sale.  

The administration has issued executive orders which may or may not be legal.  They hit the healthcare industry by directing the FTC to look hard at hospital mergers, to standardize health plan info, by directing the FDA to see how states and tribal programs can import drugs easier and by directing the HHS to implement the Trump rule allowing hearing aids to be sold OTC.

The National Nurses United has urged the CDC to recommend all wear masks in public.  Even if they did it would never happen. 

The Tennessee Department of Health director of immunization programs states she was fired for encouraging vaccinations among teenagers.  Her problem was emphasizing the ability of teens to get the jab without parental consent.

In a scathing expose the Wichita Eagle has shone a black eye on the Sedgwick County EMS program.  They put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the new medical director.  He was appointed in 2019 by a cabal of local authorities against the wishes of the employees and under his watch over 1/3 of the workforce has left leaving fewer ambulances and poorer response times.  The Kansas Medical Board is now investigating how he made a decision to not transport a person with a GSW of the head who was still alive to a hospital and then covered it up.  He has also now created a problem for himself when he works as an ED physician.  People do not want to work with him due to distrust.   It sounds like he needs to resign and leave town.        Top


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