July 15, 2021 Legislation



The administration has agreed to follow President Trump and allow states to do what they do best, protect their citizens.  The former administration allowed states to set their own Covid policies and this administration is following suit with allowing the states to set their own masking policies.

The administration has followed the prior administration and has said no to surprise medical billing.  The federal agencies have banned surprise medical billing for emergency services.  Cost sharing even for out of network can be no larger than in network.  This includes ancillary services and others like in anesthesiology.  Insurers must make an initial payment or issue a denial within 30 days of receiving a clean claim.   Providers must post policies but allows patients to waive their balance billing protections.  

The House progressives want more of everything.  76 of them have signed on for more Medicare.  They know they can not get the votes to expand the agesbut they want to expand the services.  They want Medicare to cover with no cost sharing preventative exams for vision dental and hearing problems.  Then they wat the 20% co pay to kick in after that.  They fail to mention that hearing aids are now available or will be soon over the countrer.  They want to passs this via reconciliation with no GOP support.  

California has a surplus of money this year.  They have decided to spend some of it on paying repatriations to those who were wronged with forced sterilization in the 1930s.  Money will only be paid to those directly wronged not any descendents.

Ohio has passed a law stating that physicians and other providers may refuse to give non emergent medical care that violates their moral ethical or religious beliefs.    This is only for a particular service and is not carte blanche.          Top


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