July 15, 2019 Recent News



President Trump signed an executive order that would pay kidney and liver donors for them off work and child care.  The order would also pay to incentivize providers to end end-stage kidney disease, allow dialysis centers to get as much for home dialysis as in large centers.

Ocare in California is only raising their premiums by 0.8% for next year.  The Executive Director will not give any credit to the administration for the small rise but says that it is due to state tax credits to middle class enrollees paid for by those who are forced top purchase the high price insurance or pay a fine  Other states who are not so anti Trump at any cost are also reporting very low increases compared to the past.  Of course if the 5th Circuit and the Supreme Court say Ocare is illegal then all their blustering is for naught as there would be no more federal subsidies.  

New Hampshire has a law that states there is a work requirement if a person wants Medicaid.  The problem is that the people are not reporting any employment or an exemption.  If they do not report in the next month they losse their health insurance.  The DHS has attempted to reach out to the people who do not seem they want to be reached.  If the people do not react then the state may cancel the Medicaid expansion.  

The California hospitals have blocked for this year any legislation regarding blocking surprise billing.  The Dems wanted to limit how much hospitals could charge for ER care.  The Dems could have gotten a bill thru but they pushed too far.       Top 


Everyone know hospitals are negligent in protecting PMI but what is new is how much their negligence is costing them.  The answer is $408 per record.  This adds up when you consider how many records are breached per year.  Actually it adds up to $6.2 Billion in 2016.  As old Senator Ev Dirkson used to say "A Billion here and a Billion there and pretty soon you are talking about big money"

Last newsletter I wrote about the physicians on the MEC of Erlanger Health writing a letter of no confidence in their administration.  Now a letter written by all of twelve employed physicians have written a letter supporting their money cow CEO.  

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital was under fire for its pediatric cardiac surgery.  It has now decided to make significant changes after attempting and not succeeding in stonewalling.  

The CEO of Laguna Honda in San Francisco has resigned after it was found that in the last three years six staff members systematically abused the residents.

Seattle Children's Hospital had to shut all its operating rooms due to the need to remove mold.  

Summa Health of Akron has been a terrible hospital system to physicians and now the are being purchased by Beaumont Health of Michigan.  The problem is the Summa system will presumably retain its administration.  

Philadelphia's Hahnemann University Hospital is losing money fast and made the decision to close.  This posed a problem for the 570 residents at the hospital who must now scramble to find new positions.  It also took away a trauma center and a Philadelphia judge made the stupid decision to issue an injunction to stop the closing.  The hospital will abide but will close their trauma center, stop surgical and OB procedures so what are they keeping open.  The owners of the hospital have filed for bankruptcy.

A study has shown that hospitals that are penalized for hospital acquired conditions do not change.  The readmission rates remained the same as did the rates per penalized hospitals vis a vis non penalized ones.  

A physician at Partner's Health has written an op-ed detailing the ridiculousness of the organization changing its  name.  This would cost about $100 million with no benefit to healthcare.  

Washington State selected Cerner to put in an EMR at Western State Hospital.  For the last four years no work has been done but over $21 million has been spent.  The question is should the work go forward.

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in Memphis is stopping its horrific court debt collections.  They say they are reviewing their policies after a scathing report by local news agencies.  

Ohio's Mount Carmel Health system has fired five physicians and 18 others mostly nurses and pharmacists.  The hospital says they were all complicit with Dr. William Husel in his alleged quest of killing patients via overdoses.  The CEO has also resigned.        Top


California Healthcare has an article stating that the MBC is now investigation four physicians for issuing questionable vaccination exemptions.  Let us hope if they find these physicians endangered the public with their actions that they lose their licenses or be put on probation and need to tell their patients of their poor treatments.        Top


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