July 1, 2022 Recent News



A Florida VA refused admittance to a person with severe congestive heart failure who was dying because they could not prove he was a vet.  This is a violation of EMTALA.  As it turned out the vet was treated at the hospital earlier that year for heart disease.  The VA never fails to disappoint.

The top raked hospitals are not complying with the transparency mandate of CMS.  How surprising is that?

The residents at three Los Angeles County hospitals have authorized a strike, the first one in the country in 32 years, for better pay and conditions.  This is a bargaining chip for a new contract wich was agreed upon shortly after the authorization.  

The person who shot four dead at a Tulsa medical office building was targeting a surgeon who did back surgery on him earlier in the year.  He had continued pain and called the office earlier in the day wanting additional assistance.

The state of New Hampshire is investigating Cheshire Medical Center in Keene after hundreds of bags of fentanyl went missing.  They suspended the license of the CNO for failure to oversee properly the hospital nurses.  One of the nurses admitted taking over 280 of the missing 583 missing fentanyl bags.  Even after the theft was discovered another 11 bags of the drug went missing.  

A New York City Department of Corrections Captain Tandra Williams died following a trip to the Dominican Republic for a butt lift by a person without a medical license.  He had fled to the island after from New York after being accused of luring women to DR and operating on them leaving some permanently scarred.  

NFL offensive lineman Laurent Duvernay was the starting guard for the Kansas City Chiefs when they won the Superbowl in 2020.  He did not play in 2021 as he was a physician taking care of patients during the Covid epidemic.  He is now going back to start his residency but may play if asked in September.  

Sanford Health is going to hire over 700 international nurses over three years.  they will house then for several months as they come with their families and help get them acclimated.  Then they will pay them what salaries?     

A new report has shown that about 1% of the oncologists in the country got at least six figures from drug companies in 2018.  Most of these physicians were on their hospital leadership drafting guidelines or on NCI or NCCN.  A real potential for conflict of interest.     

After the Supreme Court decision regarding abortion being a state right matter, Beaumont-Spectrum hospital system in Michigan said they will only do abortions to preserve the life of a woman.    

Another report has come out stating what we all knew, the USPSTF's recommendation regarding PSA testing in 2012 was dangerous.  Those patients whose physicians followed the erroneous guideline had worse results.          Top


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