July 1, 2021 Recent News




It is always nice to do a feel good story.  RIP Medical Dept, a national charity committed to wiping out medical debt, has partnered with Ballad Health in Tennessee to forgive medical debt for 82,000 individuals for a total of $278 million.  This is the first time they have worked directly with a hospital instead of a credit agency.  Kudos for both the hospital and the charity.

California now has a digital passport but they refuse to use that word calling it a digital vaccine record.  It is a digital passport.        Top


HCA is again in hot water in Florida along with other states where it operates.  Several years ago it was cheating on cardiac testing and now it is gouging patients with trauma pricing.  They call trauma teams to the ED for mild problems and therefore charge the patient or the insurance company thousands of dollars extra for the unneeded trauma call.  One gentleman got a bill for $52,000 for a gash on his arm.  It required 30 stitches but nothing else.  Included in that was a $17,000 trauma activation fee that was not needed.  HCA believes all their hospital are trauma centers even if not delineated as one by the state.  This is nothing more than cheating the system.  

The fight between Fresno, California's Community Regional Anesthesia Medical group and Community Medical Centers has finally come to a head.  The hospital won.  The group of independent physicians are out at the end of the contract but some will continue with a newly hired group.  The anesthesia group is filing for bankruptcy to reorganize their debts.

There is also a problem between the medical staff of Palomar Health and administration.  The staff has given the Escondido, California, hospital administration a vote of no confidence.  The problem is the administration's decision to award ER, Hospitalist and intensivist contracts to companies fro Los Angeles interrupting long standing current contracts.  The current physicians will have to decide whether or not to work for the new masters or bolt for Scripps or other hospitals.  As of now no physician has signed on to the new groups meaning they will need to replace 100 physicians in three months when the current contract expires.  The no confident votes may make it even harder to hire the needed physicians.  

There is dumb and there is stupid.  Nathan Thompson a RN at Baptist Health in Alabama qualifies for both.  He went on TikTok and spread misinformation regarding the virus as well as spouting racist and homophobe statements.  Obviously the hospital found out and he no longer has a job and now the Nursing Board has no record of him.

The feds made a law that hospitals must be transparent when posting their fees or pay a daily fine.  Guess what.  It is better to pay the $300 per day fine than be transparent.  

Mass General, Beth Israel Lahey Health and Wellforce in Massachusetts all have said they will require their staffs to be fully vaccinated.  The difference between them and Houston's Methodist Hospital is the the three will not require it until the FDA grants full approval for the jab.  

The Medical University of South Carolina is requiring Covid vaccinations to be employed.  To date there have been about 2000 exemptions for medical or religious reasons and all the rest of the 17,000 except 24 are vaccinated.

The Mayo clinic has fired for "no cause" Dr. Steven Weiss, an internist the the Eau Claire, Wisconsin branch.  The reason is a book he published where he identified himself and the organization he worked for.  His employment contract goes to mid September but he is barred from the clinic.  He will be paid until the end of the contract year.  The Clinic said Dr. Weiss' book contained confidential business information, his self-identification without permission, in appropriate use of patient identifiers and derogatory information about the wonderful Mayo clinic.          Top


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