July 1, 2015 Legislation




The House is set to pass legislation getting rid of the medical device tax.  The same bill has Democratic support in the Senate.  Obama has threatened to veto it and yet they continue to do what is right.  Good on ya , mates.

The states have gotten the feds permission to get rid of healthcare.gov and set up their own marketplaces.  They are Arkansas, Delaware and Pennsylvania.  They are doing this to get ahead of the Supreme Court decision and make sure they continue to get subsidy money.

Obama has issued an executive order to make the research of medical marijuana easier.  The Public Health proposal is now unnecessary.  This is a major speed up of the process.

The House has voted to get rid of the IPAB.  This now goes to the Senate where the Dems will filibuster it.

The California state Auditor has released a report blasting the state's Medicaid program.  They do not fund high enough to get physicians into the program and do not give accurate information on their listings of providers.  This means the patients do not have adequate access to providers.  They also found that the Department of Healthcare Services' ombudsman has been systematically and purposefully not answering calls due to understaffing.  There are about 12,500 unanswered calls per month.  The legislature and governor instead of fixing the already broke system has decreed that illegal immigrants can get the insurance but not care.

The California legislature has passed a Right to Try bill.  Will the gov sign it?  Only the Shadow knows.

California has passed a bill requiring vaccinations for all going to public schools.  There are no religious exemptions.  The bill now goes to the gov for his approval or not.

Texas has passed a new law to allow mediation for all citizens who go to in network hospitals and get billed for out of network rates.  This allows all who receive bills for at least $500 the mediation right.  This includes physician bills.

Oregon has done the impossible.  They have ordered their Obamacare insurance companies to raise their premiums.  This is for those with no Medicaid or employer insurance.        Top


California has fined Kaiser Permanente $250,000 for mishandling a business associate contract.  It has also fined Anthem $100,000 for their illegal canceling of insurance contracts.         Top


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