January 15, 2021 Legislation



The FDA has but the kibosh on the thought of only giving one Moderna or Pfizer vaccination instead of the recommended two.  This was floated as an idea to get more jabs into more people.  

The administration has said that they now recommend those over 65 getting the shot starting now.  

California has released guidance for physicians stating they will be disciplined if they do not comply with the phase structure in federal and state guidelines.  

California is allowing dentists to give the Covid vaccine and also administer the epinephrine if anaphylaxis occurs.  They will have to have a three hour course prior to be given the vaccine.

California has ordered counties with available ICU capacity to accept transfers from those regions where there is no capacity.  This also requires all hospitals in the high impact areas to stop doing elective surgeries.

California's Santa Clara County has fined Kaiser Permanente $43,000 because of the outbreak of Covid in their county Kaiser ER.  The hospital failed to report any of the cases to the county as required.  It was fined $1000 per violation.  This followed the San Jose Kaiser being fined $85,000 for not reporting and Antioch Kaiser being fined $56,000 for the same thing.  Kasier has never been the most transparent of organizations.

Illinois, as all know, is the worst run state in the country with severe union corruption and massive under funding of pensions.  They now have decided to pay out more and started the nation's first program to provide health benefits for those over 65 and low income illegal immigrants and green card holders that are in the country for less than five years.  

Massachusetts is the 23rd state to grant nurse practitioners the ability to have full practice authority.  The Governor signed the legislation into law.

New York is threatening to fine hospitals $100,000 if they do not use up their share opf the vaccine by the end of the wek.  If they do not they will not only be fined but will be not allowed to give more vaccinations later.          Top


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