January 15, 2020 Legislation



The feds are now breaking out on the monthly invoices the cost of the monthly abortion premiums on Ocare policies purchsed on the state exchange.  This was actually part of the original law passed but was not implemented during the Obama administration.  

The FDA has announced it will ban fruit and mint flavored products used for vaping and e-cigarettes.  This will start in February.  Allowed will temporarily be tank flavoring that allow people to mix their own nicotine and vaping juice.  

California continues it s nanny state function.  It will now pay physicians to screen pediatric patients in Medicaid for adverse childhood experiences.  Parents will be asked to fill out state approved questionnaires regarding their children's lives.  Those from ages 12-19 will fill out their own in addition to those filled out by the parent or caregiver.  The screening will be voluntary to both the physicians and patients.      

One California nanny finally got his comeuppance.  Senator Wiener of San Francisco had a bill that he pushed very hard to deny children with intersex from having needed gender surgery.   The legislature has finally voted to reject the bill and allow the choice to be between the parents and the physician.  He vows to keep trying.   Top


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