January 15, 2017 Recent News




The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a non-goverment left  organization, has done a study that shows the repeal of Ocare will save the feds $1.55 Trillion but would cost in not receiving Medicare and other taxed all that plus an additional $350 Billion.  They do admit this might be off since there is no way to know what programs of the now Ocare will be kept, if any.

The American Cancer Society as said that cancer rates have fallen about 25% over the past 25 years.  They also say there are gender differences as men have higher cancer rates and deaths.  There has been an increase in liver cancer which is predominantly in males.  The large drop has been due to earlier detection and better treatments.

After the above a report came out that mimicked the prostate cancer screening, too many diagnosis leading to unnecessary procedures.  Many of the women have ductal carcinoma in situ which need no treatment.  These are being overtreated.  So far the idiots have not recommended watchful waiting for the females as they did with the males.  

In the flurry of liberal press to try to undermine the repeal of Ocare they are trying to determine how many got cancer screening before and after Ocare.  Since the screenings are free for the patient more got them.  Not PSAs since that may lead to early diagnosis of prostate cancer in just men.  

Kenya state physicians have been on strike for a month and the hospitals are closed.  They want the feds to honor an agreement from 2013 to increase their salaries by 180%.  The public hospitals do not have gloves or medicine and are in a shambles.  The physicians use cell phones for lights.  The standard salary is now $400 per month, less than a third of a legislator.   


Akron, Ohio, based Summa Health is again treating its physicians badly, a recurring theme.  This time they replace their ED physicians in their hospitals without any discussion with the staffs of the hospitals.  This engendered a vote of no confidence by the hospital resident physicians in the CEO.  That is meaningless as the Board is agreeable to the decision to change the physicians.  There had been disagreements between the old ED physicians and the administration regarding a new contract.  

In a later open meeting about 250 physicians voted "no confidence" and the letter will also go to those who did not show at the meeting.  It was also pointed out that the head of the new ED group is the husband of the Summa CMO.

The CEO later apologized for the disruptions to the patients and employees but they stand by their decision.  He said the changes were for financial reasons.  Some of the physicians are not convinced and still want his resignation.

Baptist Memorial Hospital in Mississippi will limit the amount of pain meds physicians and nurses may give patients.  This is in line with the CDC guidelines that recommends patients get opiods from a physician that can do ongoing monitoring.  This is not appropriate for an ED. 

Hooray for Broward Health.  They have made it here again.  This time it is because one of the Board members, the only one to vote against the firing of the CEO, has resigned.  She also has sent a letter to the Governor requesting a taskforce to identify problems and give solutions to the problems.  She says the Board is rife with politics and grandstanding.  


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