January 15, 2014 Legislation




CMS has stated that they will crack down on illegal immigrants getting Medicare.  It seems that Medicare Advantage and Part D are particularly ripe for the fraud.  They want proof of citizenship for using the programs.  The IRS also is part of the problem as they allow illegal child tax credits for illegal immigrants.  The new federal rules also crack down on physicians who prescribe unnecessary meds or issue fraudulent prescriptions to bilk Medicare.  Until now the CMS did not have any rules against illegals from getting Medicare Advantage or Part B.  This is a sad commentary on the organization.  The Senate just refused to give COLA increases to our military and fund it by closing loopholes in payments to illegals.  Your Democrats in action.

In a good-bad situation Obama has stated that staring in September women will get preventative medication for breast cancer for no co-pay or out of pocket payments.  That is good but it means that insurance costs will rise again for another mandate.  It will be interesting to see how many will drop coverage next year due to cost.  

Following the above, there is yet another mandate for preventative care, gestational diabetes.  Again premiums will increase.

The House with 67 Democratic votes passed a bill to put security into Obamacare.  The bill would require the secretary to notify any individual of a breach within two days of a Healthcare.gov intrusion.  The administration opposes the safety bill.  It is DOA in the Senate.

CGI will lose its Healthcare.gov contract and Accenture is the likely successor.  Accenture did the California exchange which had problems with garbage in garbage out but not the computer per se.  

Maine has released it's report on Medicaid expansion.  The report shows the state will pay $800 million over 10 years with the Obamacare expansion.  Maine has opted out of the program.  The state Democrats say the study is political fodder and nothing else.        Top


California Insurance Commissioner Jones has stated that in his opinion the Blue Shield premium raise of 10% is unreasonable and excessive.  Blue Shield answered responsibly by stating this is to offset an 11% increase in the cost of health care for individuals with policies in place prior to Obamacare and new taxes and fees mandated by Obamacare and California.  Jones can opine to his heart's content but can do nothing.        Top


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