January 1, 2021 Recent News




In really great news Capitol Hill Lutheran church of Des Moines, Iowa raised about $8000 and then gave the money to RIP Medical Debt to get rid of almost $5 million of medical debt for their fellow Iowans.

Vitality Health Plan, a Southern California Medicare HMO, is going bankrupt sending thousands of patients tring to get new coverage.  The company as $1 million in assets and $17 million in liabilities.  The biggest is creditor is one hospital who will not get paid.

The feds investigated and has said that Iowa's Genwood Resource Center violated patient rights by over restraining people including one tern who had been restrained 293 times over less than two years.  They had also experimented on patients without their consent.  

As physicians are purchased as chattel and put into large groups, the management companies are more and more having patients sign arbitration agreements when the see their physicians.          Top


Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer Center paid mover $1.5 million in severance pay to their prior CMO who resigned in 2018 for not disclosing financial ties in papers he authored.  Dr. Jose Baselga was said to have been deemed to get that money via his contract terms.

Some hospital staffs are stupidly turning down the vaccine shots for political reasons or stupidity.  This include Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC and Doctors Hospital at Renaissance in Edinburg, Texas.  This makes sense if they feel they should wait so the drug may be given to other more at need individuals first but not for those reasons.

New York's Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital had their staff cut the lines for the Covid vaccine.  This included some who were working from home and not exposed to patients with the virus.  

Beaumont Health has finally listened and added three more member to their Board of Directors, all physicians.  

Now it's Seattle Children's Hospital's  turn.  They had a medical director Dr. Ben Danielson who resigned to protest institutional racism.  He stated that there was a lack of translation services and that there was a practice of calling security against people of color.  

It has been reported but not confirmed that a ED physician from Walter Reed was not kept on the roster due to his criticism of President Trump when he did his drive-by while being hospitalized for Covid several moths ago.  The physician still works at a near by hospital.        Top


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